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History of DPC

Katherine's dog-crazy spirit started as a young child. She volunteered to watch friend's and family's dogs, raced through backyards to catch loose dogs, adopted her first dog, Royce, when she was 10, and setup training sessions with neighborhood dogs in her friend's basement.

After spending several years in the corporate world after college, Katherine promised herself that one day she would turn her passion for dogs into her career. In July of 2011, she dove in headfirst and started Doggy Paws Chicago. Now, she couldn't be happier spending her days keeping other's best friends active while they're away.

Katherine back in the day


Katherine - Owner and Dog Walker/Runner

While Katherine manages the day-to-day operations of DPC, she's also very active in the field, out walking and running with your pups. She always emphasizes that "I didn't get into this to sit at a desk. I love being with dogs, and outside is where I want to be." She's ecstatic that she gets to spend her days with some of the greatest dogs in Chicago. Katherine lives in Lakeview with her husband and crazy-faced border collie mix rescue, Kuma!