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Doggy Paws Chicago provides Daily Walks, Fitness Runs, and Vacation Care to the best dogs of Chicago. We currently service the Lakeview and Lincoln Park neighborhoods. Our Regular Service Hours are Monday through Friday, 10am to 4pm. Services outside of these days and times are subject to availability.

Daily Dog Walks

All visits include: a walk, fresh water, treat if allowed, and a note or text update to you. During extreme heat/cold/weather, we make a quick bathroom break outside and supplement walk time with playtime inside.

Fitness Runs

Does your dog have extra energy to burn and anxiety to release? Lets run! We head to the Lakefront Path to hit the pavement together (we never bike and have your dog run alongside) and log a few miles. Due to warm mid-day temperatures in the summer, our runs typically take place before 11am and after 3pm.

Vacation Care

Keep your pup comfortable in their own familiar surroundings while you're away. Your dog has the opportunity to nap in their favorite spot and follow their regular routine. We'll give your dog their own vacation and even spend the night, complete with belly rubs and cuddle time!!